Tiffany Calligaris


Tiffany Calligaris was born in 1988 in Buenos Aires. She is the author of the trilogy Lesath, which has become a success in terms of critics and sales. Since she was a little girl, she has loved books and Disney movies, especially, The Sleeping Beauty. She discovered Star Wars at an early age and its iconic phrase “No, I am your father.” The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter also had great influence on her and awakened a deep and lifelong fascination for this kind of stories in her. A trip to Salem inspired her saga called Witches, on which she is working at the moment. In her spare time, she goes to the movies, watches TV series, reads as many books as she can, plays with her loyal friend Shiku, and goes shopping and horseback riding.

Lazos de Magia

Madison Ashford is about to start her second year at Van Tassel University in Boston, Massachusetts. She has just rented a small apartment with Lucy Darlin, her best friend, and they are neighbors of Marcus Delan, who is Madison’s classmate in Graphic Design. Everything is going well and it seems to be an ordinary year at collage, until Madison meets Michael at a corridor, and the intensity arising from their looks makes the light bulbs blow up. Is it just love at first sight or is there anything else?

“It was a quiet trip. Everyone seemed to be lost in their thoughts. Michael turned the radio on and then focused on the road… His hand brushed mine as he took the gearshift. An electric current flew all over my skin. Right after getting home, I put my pajamas on and went for my laptop. I entered “Danvers”… It was near, close to Salem… The town was marked by its dark history. Witches came to many people’s minds when they thought of Salem. Lyn and Maisy must have had some kind of obsession with witchcraft since they had grown up there…

El Club Del Grim

Madison Ashford’s life changed drastically during her last year at collage. Not only did she find the love of her life, Michael Darmoon, but she also –actually without her consent– had her magic awoken through a spell Michael put on her and turned her into a witch. Madison needs to decide whether she is ready to take such an important commitment while she still struggles against the memories of her kidnap; especially now, when Alexa Cassidy, Michael’s ex-girlfriend, follows her steps closely.

“I knew that Michael had feelings for me and that he wanted us to share the future. However, it was not as simple as that. How could I decide to accept such a permanent change for my life? I thought a lot, but it did not seem to be quite useful. When couples say they need some time to think, do they really do it? Or do they just grumble while waiting for a magical solution?”

Maleficio de Piedra

After the battle at the Danvers psychiatric hospital, two members of the Grim Club manage to escape; Gabriel, Michael’s brother, is among them. The inhabitants of Salem are on his trail while the community tries to get stronger at the Three Moons Festival. Madison needs to get ready to participate in it, but it is increasingly difficult for her to stay focused. Alexa Cassidy has left a gift before dying: a curse that seems to have taken effect on Michael’s heart.

“Michael Darmoon welcomed me on the other side. His thick, light-colored, disheveled hair fell at both sides of his face. Apparently, I was not the only one who had been tossing and turning in bed. His eyes kept that stormy blue color, but now they were darker. I wondered if it was paranoia, a product of my imagination, or if his eyes actually looked that way.”




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